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Our Story

In the heart of care and commitment, Nurse Winklaar founded “Remesence” which serves as a haven for those venturing into cosmetic transformation. With unwavering dedication, she championed health, safety, and informed decisions, ensuring each client’s well-being as a top priority. Her startup embodied expertise, empathy, and a pledge to guide every step of all major and minor enhancement procedures. Remesence stands tall, as a beacon of trust and knowledge, where your wellbeing is our care.


Our Mission

Our goal is to continue evolving whilst working alongside other medical professionals and institutes. Remesence mission is to become the “go to” within the industry medical aesthetics. We aim to be a top leading organization that obtains high standards of assisting those that seek or require attributes for their diverse medical needs.

Our Services

Vital Essence

Includes a full suite of services;

    • Scheduling date,
    • Pre-op guidance,
    • 7-day post-op follow-ups.


Includes a full suite of services;

    • Scheduling date,
    • Pre-op guidance,
    • Travel booking Assistance,
    • Recovery home assistance,
    • 14-day post-op follow ups.

Note: “Additional details will be provided.”

Remedy Deluxe

Includes a full suite of services;

    • Priority scheduling,
    • Travel booking assistance,
    • Recovery home assistance,
    • 20-days post-op follow-ups,
    • Airport Drop offs,
    • Airport Pick.

Note: “The service caters to individuals based in The Netherlands, and additional details will be provided.”

Why Choose Us

Expert Guidance

Remesence provides access to a team of experienced professionals who offer personalized guidance and emotional support throughout the plastic surgery process, ensuring informed decision-making.

Top Surgeons Access

Through a network of trusted professionals, Remesence connects clients with highly skilled plastic surgeons, offering a range of options to meet individual needs and preferences.

Comprehensive Care

The company emphasizes holistic care, assisting clients with pre-operative preparations and post-surgery recovery to ensure a smooth and successful plastic surgery journey.

Client Confidentiality

Remesence will always prioritizes client well-being and privacy, offering a client-centric approach and maintaining strict confidentiality throughout the entire plastic surgery process.

Book an Inquiry Hour

An inquiry hour is a meeting between an individual interested in undergoing a cosmetic procedure and a care professional. This serves as an opportunity for the patient to ask questions, gain a clear understanding of the process. It also allows unique or specific questions to be forwarded the surgeon to assess the patient’s suitability for the procedure and establish a personalized plan.

Please be aware that the inquiry hour is intended for informational purposes only, and no legally binding information will be discussed. It is designed to offer guidance and provide you with information to make informed decisions.

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Making a reservation...


    We work with skilled surgeons located in Turkey, Dominican Republic and Colombia.

    Remesence is the best choice for you.

    Book an inquiry hour with our team, ask questions and be will informed.

    Our partnering surgeons requirement mildly varies. However, the required BMI ranges from 18.5 to 35.

    Yes!, We offer group coordination.

    Group coordination is an affordable way to divide and minimise certain costs when proceeding with your surgery.

    When booking with us, it is optional to request upon booking to have a traveling concierge present with you. Additional fee may be required.

    Yes!, We are always available to travel with our clients. Once it is requested upon booking in advance.

    Once deposit is received with signed agreement, we will discus further communication days and times. 

    1 month prior to surgery your communication gateway will become more flexible due to follow ups and confirmations.

    1 weeks prior & up until 1 week post-operative we will be 24/7 available for questions and assistance of any sort within our capabilities. This can vary. 

    Unfortunately, We do not disclose our direct contact information of our partnering surgeons since we offer general coordination assistance. 

    We only elaborate further information with clients of ours.

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